30 Years of World Wide Web Made Possible by Webmaster Tim Berners-Lee
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June 26, 2020

Most of the companies nowadays use the web for their daily business.This year ranks our third decade, using the web and this wouldn’t be possible without the webmaster who foresee how the internet may affect and helped our lives a lot more easier for the next coming years.

Started from a research paper in Oxford University entitled ‘Information Management: A proposal’ made by a young British Computer Scientist Tim Berners-Lee led the world to be revolutionized. It was actually commented by Mike Sendall as “Vague yet exciting”. Few months later, he began working using a NeXT Computer which was actually one of Steve Job’s first products. A blueprint, known as the world wide web, was then followed.

Berners-Lee thought of solving a problem with the use of much broader applications. Sharing of information by exploiting an emerging technology called ‘hypertext’ was then made possible in this computer era

Imagine how many billions of people are there in the world and more than half of it has been actively online since then. The game plan in business really change as the years pass by with the internet, concluding that if you and your business are not visible online, maybe your plans will flop. The commerce, communication, some spheres in our lives or even political campaigns are now converted into online. This is one of the easiest and fastest ways to be more connected to the people all over the globe as if everyone can access different information and various yet new problems online have been solved.

Who else doesn’t have any accounts on social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? These were just some individual websites connected by the links that Berners-Lee once imagines way back March 1989.

“I’ve got a vision for an alternative world, in which that data does exist, but it’s at the beck and call of the user themselves. Where the apps are actually separated from the data source. So when you use an app, it asks, where do you want me to store the data? And you have complete control over who gets access to it. It would be a new world. We’re talking about a future in which these programs work for you. They don’t work for Amazon, they don’t work for Apple, “ Berners-Lee said in an interview celebrating 30 years of World Wide Web (courtesy: Times).

As a turning point, Berners-Lee stated that we have to make sure that the web is serving humanity. Not just by just keeping it free and open, but making sure that the things that people build in this permissionless space are actually helping democracy.

The World Wide Web Foundation was established in 2009 which is advancing the Open Web that was made to build a just and thriving society by connecting everyone, raising voices and enhancing participation.

No one has the idea where will the web take us but expect that it will improve as we are all craving for more surprises that will be made by our web legends - just like what Tim Berners-Lee did.