Cookies In Websites: Why Is It Important?
Posted on
June 26, 2020

Who else loves cookies?! - that chocolate chips on top and the chewiness of it as it melts on your tongue and is paired with a glass of milk that we crave in midnights?! (Especially if it was made by our dearest grandmas on that cold weather tho)

Stop craving! We are about to share this not-so-typical cookies that you love, for it was made for a website.

When you try to visit a website, mostly these cookies pop on the lower part of your screen. These are the so-called internet cookie that is a small text file with a unique ID tag that is placed on your computer by a website you visit and wanted you to accept it. But don�t panic. Through cookies, it will help the businesses� websites save a complementary file with your matching ID tag that stores various information like the pages you visited information you voluntarily gave from your computer. Then alter if you revisit the site, the site will recognize you by matching the cookie on your computer with the counterpart in its database.

Cookies also help you identify the pages that your customers mostly visits, the time they spend viewing your website, how many times they have visited your website again and again and of course, an effective and powerful sales and marketing tool to use.

Think of it this way. If you are owning a website, through cookies...

  • You can identify how your visitors have found your website - whether they have found you through social media, a referral from another website, through web search using SEOs or maybe just go directly to your website.
  • You can see a summary of which part of your website is the most visited. With this, you can easily improve the specific pages to break down your sales and it will also lead to a great insight into your marketing techniques as you foresee how many times your clients have seen your website.
  • You can be notified whenever your potential clients leads to visit. Whether if it is their first time or got curious on their second visit, and a big possibility to close an awesome deal on their third visit.

Just like your favorite cookies, make sure that you are growing your business with a sweet tooth, I mean, sweet success! Just try to monitor your websites every once in a while.