Say 'No' To Website Mistakes
Posted on
June 26, 2020

Nobody's perfect. We all do mistakes. But when it comes to business, doing and keep on committing mistakes is definitely not allowed.

Having a website is where we put our business identity that make us shine in the online world. We put every detail about our company and most importantly, showcase and highlights the services that we can offer. In other words, these services act as the helping hand to maintain a good relationship with our clients.

As of August 2019, cited on an Internet Statistics, there were 1.94 billion websites on the net and still counting. This was composed by different businesses from various fields that even small businesses have one. On the other hand, there were 4.39 billion internet users worldwide, as of January 2019. Imagine how many people will be informed on how your website works.

We don't want you to commit the same mistakes the others did, so we’re going to reveal 5 mistakes that you wouldn't wish yo have in making your website – especially if you want it to bring you the desired results.

1. Not a Mobile-friendly

Most people access the internet via phone. Aside from it fits your pocket, you can take it anywhere! (Make sure your batteries are fully charged. Lol. Just kidding).

Make sure that your website is compatible on phone views for it's a top need. 7 out of 10 mobile users prefer it, so if your website isn't mobile-friendly, it is truly a wasted potential.

2. Unoptimized SEO Content

SEO Content is also a top need that Google is requiring. Optimizing your SEO is a vital one. Make sure it is straight forward for you are talking to people, not robots. You need to make them happy, too. SEO in 2019 greatly relies on relevance – the content of your website should be 100% relevant to your target audience.

3. Slow Loading Time

We are all doing our personal stuff and time really matters. You don't want your audience to just go back home and search for other websites. Take note that the longer your content is, the longer loading time it would take. Go straight to the point!

4. Bad CTA Elements

Every website owners want to communicate with their viewers and having Call to Actions (CTAs) is the best way to lead them to the things they want to know and to get their needs.

As owners, we also want to close those deals. Imagine, without CTAs, how can we possibly know that we are aiming to be on a same page?

5. Lack of updates

It is like posting a news report online that happened 3 years ago. It is very outdated and users might get confused on your website. Always include real-time information.

Lack of content or missing pages are among the most common errors, too, that turn users away from your website. Keep your information updated to avoid losing race with your competing sites.

These are just some of the common miatakes that we MUST avoid in our websites.

Your website is always a work in-progress. With just simple things, or by creating a catchy content will make your viewers feel that they are always welcome on your website. Make them feel that they are talking to a person who gives hands-on services that will take them to success. We can always generate new ideas and there will always be something new to do, optimize, or add. Keep on improving!