Website Myths: Do You Actually Believe In Them?
Posted on
June 26, 2020

As a kid, we do once believed in myths, legends, fables, tales, even epics or in unicorns, mermaids, Santa Claus, tooth fairies and others. This is where our dreams started and we did like the fact that these fictional characters are part of our lives.

Have you ever thought of this thing called 'website myths'?! At first, well, it didn't even popped on our minds actually, but the thing is, we designers also believed in it. Unconsciously and yes, we're guilty for we do and believed in some of these.

Design First, Content Later

Of course, there's this thing saying that 'time is gold' and it is! So, instead of waiting for the final content, designers started doing mockups to support the idea of imagining what our websites would be like, with or without the content yet. It really comes out on planning first and state what should be on that page. Just to make sure you're aiming for the same goal.

You Have To Like Your Website

You're the number fan of your masterpiece! You should like it first. But, sometimes, before executing your website, it wouldn't cost any dime to ask for the opinion of others - whether your outputs are 'yey!' or 'nah.'

Web Designs Are Cheap

Every single thing that we do matters, and so are the artists behind it! It's not just the output you're paying for, but the hard work of the individual behind that output. This may cost a little expensive than expected but, for sure, it will worth everything - from your online presence to reach your target audience. One time payment would be nice 'cause a website is kinda for a lifetime.

More Features = Better Designs

Sometimes, some people don't really look on what is going on inside your website and that won't even help to justify that your website is having a better design. People usually take an eye on the services that you offer, and your designs are then the plus points.

People Read Stuff From The Web

As mentioned, people usually spend their time internalizing on what you can offer and wouldn't waste a moment to read the ENTIRE content on your website. This is kinda FALSE one. Take some moments to impress and at the same time, express what you can do that will help your audience.

Rotating Banners Are LIT!

Our eyes love the fact of seeing moving objects on your website, but according to research, it will take a maximum of three seconds for a person to look on your rotating banners and then continue scrolling on your website

Success happens overnight

An obra maestra would take months to perfect! Don't expect that designers will give you results the day after you ask for it. Artists need some time and inspiration to build a certain design and believe me, they will have moments to spare for trial and errors and present the final output without flaws and exactly what you wanted and needed (Dont rush, no pressure

You View Your Website Like Your Users Do

As designers, we make sure that every detail from header to footer, from home to contact us page, is 'well-baked,' but, on the other hand, some people won't do it. They just visit a certain page that they needed and when they get the information, it's either they will contact you or close your website (Wouldn't wish for that to happen, do you?)

Here are just some of the few things that we believe as part of the website myths. Got more myths you believe in? Tell us!