Website Starter Pack: Things You Need In Starting A Website
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June 26, 2020

Most people create their own checklist or even use a planner if needed to for us to follow steps and guidelines and make it as organized as possible to reach a certain goal. Same thing as for having a website.

All we ever wanted was for our business to be visible online together with our profiles and the services we offer, but that's not just it. There are certain things to consider to make your website become a corporate one:

Domain Name - Your friend decided to deliver you a package. How will you describe your house to a friend without stating its exact address? Same thing for the website. Your house is the website and the domain name is your digital address. People wouldn't go and be connected to your website if you don't have your domain name.

Good thing you can now customize your domain name. For example, the domain name for this website is This is one of the easiest way to be connected to the world - to the internet world - and get noticed with the services that a company offers.

Of course, we wanted to have a unique domain name. There are domain name providers that you can easily check if the name you want is available and how much it will cost, which is usually around $10 – $20 per year. (You can also try visiting for local hosts and domain name registration - wink)

Of course, take a moment to find out the “difference between free vs paid domain names”, or “Are domain name and website separate things?”, and much more for you to be more practica

Business Email Address - Aside from domain name, a corporate email address also adds credibility to your business. Having a gmail account is fine, but it's a typical one, don't you think?

Trust is a big factor that everyone considers. By having your own business email address, you can say that you truly deserve your client's trust. Just like on the domain name, you can also customize it like ""

Website Building Software - This is the stage wherein you will then see your actual website. You wouldn't want your audience to talk to a robot or system, right? As much as possible, try to consider experts who can help you personalize every single detail connected to your website.

Some of the more popular web builders that you might have heard of are WordPress, Wix, Squarespace and Weebly. (Or try to collaborate with us here at Webworx Design Studio ;) )

Website Hosting - Yes. You have started the first three steps mentioned, but you also wouldn't wish your website to just reach the internet for a limited time only. As much as possible, get your website maintained and be visible all over the internet world to gain more clients to help.

This is where your website live. It is the blood line. The type of hosting you choose depends on how many visitors you have coming to your website.

There are 4 general types of website hosting:

  • Shared hosting: Imagine you are renting a small dorm room back in college. You get your own room, but you are sharing the common areas like the kitchen, living room and etc.
  • VPS Hosting: To make it more easier to understand, imagine that you upgraded to an apartment in a residential building. You are still sharing the building, but you now have the entire apartment all to yourself, separated from other people.
  • Dedicated Hosting: You have a server all to yourself and don’t need to share. Now you are renting an entire building. This is often used by very large, enterprise level websites. For the rest of us, you will most likely never need dedicated hosting.
  • Free Hosting: This is provided for all fully managed drag & drop website builder we mentioned above.

Website Template Design - If you have the skills and don't need to hire a website designer, a website template allows you to have a professional-looking website which you can also avail online. This is more like a temporary website of your business and later on improving it. Bring out the creativity in you! Go ahead and custom design, based on what you think, and on what you want to achieve.

Logo Design - Aside from typical contents on your business domain name and email address, a logo is what people usually remember if they can't state a specific name. Create a remarkable logo that will represent your business with just a glance! (Now here's a secret. You're lucky because I know someone who creates good logo designs as well! Collaborate with Brando&Cardo (B&C) Identity Design)

High-quality Images - Images are your proofs that your company is truly awesome! Show them that aside from actions, photos speaks louder than words, too! Indicate professional and high quality photos and graphics and make their eyes take another glance and stay on your website for a while (or maybe longer).

Image Editors - If you have the chance to enhance your photos by using different editors, why not? You have the freedom to use some of it like in Photoshop that will help you crop, rotate, re-size and re-format images that will make a perfect fit for your website.

Google Analytics - Every business owners that has an online presence of course wanted to grow their network and visitors year after year. With the help of Google Analytics, you can now track your visitors in how they interact with your website. You would want to know which page they visit the most, how long they stay on each page, which page do they visit next, which page do most visitors exit, etc. and improve your website.

If you got completed this checklist, then you're ready. Go ahead and launch your online presence! Stay connected with your audience.

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